Family adventures in Granny Smith, our 1977 GMC Palm Beach Motorhome

Photos Date Description
09/04/20 - 09/06/20 Stayed at Lake Ogalala in Nebraska and did some canoeing. We also took a day trip over to the main lake, Lake McConaughy which was extremely busy but allowed camping right on the beach.
08/08/20 - 08/12/20 Stayed at the Grant Campground in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. We saw Old Faithful, Painters Pots, and many more attractions. We swam in the lake, went for some hikes, and had a great time with the Knox family. On the way home we stayed the night in Thermopolis WY.
07/07/20 - 07/09/20 Stayed at the Crystral Reservoir at Curt Gowdy State Park in Wyoming. We did some fishing, swiming, canoeing, and bike riding.
05/15/20 - 05/17/20 Stayed at the Rincon campground near Salida Colorado. We did lots of swimming and a little fishing. We even explored downtown Salida.
10/12/19 - 10/13/19 Stayed at the Carter Lake southern campground near-ish to Loveland CO. We did some hiking and hanging out with Felix, Spartacus (his dog), and the Leibings.
09/07/19 - 09/08/19 Stayed at the Moraine Park Campground (I think) in Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes CO. We rode bikes, hikes, and saw plenty of wild life.
08/17/19 - 08/24/19 Road trip out to San Diego to buy the RV. On the way back, we stopped for the night at some RV park, our first, outside of Las Vegas.

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