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I recently purchased an Asus eee PC 901 netbook. It was under $200 new so I couldnt resist. Besides, I intend to eventually put a computer in the Saab, same as I had in the Contour. The eee PC takes 12 volts DC input and is small enough to fit just about anywhere in the car. My plan is to hook up a 7" touchscreen to the eee pc once in the car, but for now it is working great as a mini laptop.

Overall I have been extremely impressed with the eee pc in terms of band for your buck. The only thing that was lacking was the hard drive performance. It came with a 4 GB solid state disk (SSD). It was not the size of the disk that bothered me, although 4 GB is pretty darn small. It was the performance that I couldnt get past. About every 10 seconds the computer would essentially freeze up for a second as it tried to read something from disk. I tried installing a different linux distribution, killing background services, etc. and nothing helped.

Eventually I decided to bite the bullet, buy a $50 16 GB SSD off newegg, and see if that helped. What a difference! The laptop boots up in half the time, there are now freezes, the hard drive is extrememly quick, and because of the larger size I have space to hibernate the computer which is always a nice option for a laptop.


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replacing the drive was simple, remove a panel, pull out old and plug in new, 5 min tops

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