1977 GMC Motorhome (Palm Beach)

Maintenance Log

Details Mileage Date Description
  139,987 10/05/06 Replaced air filter. Adjusted carb.
  140,089 04/14/10 Engine oil (20w50) and filter.
Replaced motor v-belts (7450, 7570, and 7603)
Engine coolant flush
Flushed transmission fluid (12 quarts)
Replaced motor battery (Interstate MT-78)
Replaced wiper blades (653-200).
  140,119 04/06/12 Engine oil and filter change.
New engine battery (Interstate MT-78)
Replaced air line fittings, presumably the local bypass valves were installed at this time.
Replaced generator oil filter and oil (30HD)
  140,165 06/04/12 Replaced house battery, Interstate SRM-4D, replaced circuit breaker SDLA60
  140,401 09/16/14 Engine oil and filter change.
Replaced brake light switch.
Replaced hazard relay
Installed new house battery (Interstate SRM-4D)
Replaced exhaust pipe gasket
Installed remanufactured alternator (standard capacity)
  140,429 03/16/16 Engine oil and filter change. Replaced fuel vapor line. Replaced engine battery (Napa Legend 7578). Bled brake fluid.
  140,473 04/12/16 Replaced all 4 rear wheel brake cylinders, brake fluid, brake shoes. Repacked rear wheel bearings. Installed steering damper.
  140,516 02/06/19 Changed engine oil (15w40) filter (R85258). Installed fog lamps. Serviced generator: clean battery cables and add water to battery
  140,581 07/29/19 Replaced house battery, Interstate SRM-4D
  140,581 08/07/19 Replaced left air bag line
Photos 140,606 08/19/19 Sale photos from prior owner
Photos 140,606 08/19/19 Just purchased
Photos   08/24/19 Photos of the engine including original motorhome options list. Broken bathroom vent fan
Photos   08/24/19 Troubleshooting air compressor. Found lose power wire and air line with hole in it. Fixed. Compressor still won't make more than 85 PSI however.
Photos 141,900 08/31/19 Replaced exhaust gaskets. Initially used Fel-pro fiber gasket but immediately switched to reusable stacked aluminum gaskets.
Installed Proform locking bolts on exhaust manifolds.
Replaced intermediate exhaust gasket.
Installed new spark plugs, Autolite copper core, 847.
Performed compression test, all cylinders 105 to 120 PSI.
Photos 141,900 08/31/19 Cleaned rust from stainless steel oven top. Apparently, the stamping process left surface impurities. Cleaned up well with wire brush, maybe a little too shiny
Photos 141,900 09/07/19 Test water system. Found crack in main water tank and hole in water line. Also, city water connections all leak. Ugh.

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