2008 Chevrolet Express 1500 Conversion Van

Maintenance Log

Details Mileage Date Description
  56,500 10/02/15 Van purchased from CH Auto in Los Angeles CA.
Photos 59,000 11/20/15 Installed Android head unit by Pumpkin, 11-C0255-US-A
Photos 59,000 11/20/15 Replaced battery. Installed Autocraft Silver 34/78-4 which has a 2 year warranty.
Photos 62,300 12/12/15 Changed engine oil and filter. Installed Catrol GTX 5W-30 and a WIX 57060 filter.
Photos   03/05/16 Reattached door ding strip
Photos 64,439 03/12/16 Took off wheel to look for cause of vibration at speed and strange noises from suspension.
Also replaced a broken power recline switch on middel driver's side seat.
Lastly, installed an extra cup holder up front.
Photos 64,590 03/27/16 Replaced both upper control arms including bushings and ball joints.
Replaced both lower control arms including bushing and ball joints.
Replaced both tie rod ends.
Replaced all 4 shocks.
Photos 64,590 03/27/16 Fixed cause of HVAC control backlight no coming on.
Photos 64,590 03/30/16 Replacing TV Amp, Adding USB and 12v Outlets
Photos 64,590 04/07/16 Installed trailer hitch, Curt 6,000 lb
Photos 67,900 04/07/16 Installed new tires, Continental Crosscontact LX20 265/50R20.
Also installed ceramic tire beads for balancing, 5 oz per tire
  68,000 04/28/16 Changed engine oil and filter. Installed WIX 57060 and Catrol GTX 5w-30 oil.
Photos 68,000 04/28/16 Installed transmission oil cooler. Installed Derale 13504, series 8000 plate and fin cooler.
Photos   08/20/16 Removed the satellite dish from top of the van to get some clearance and MPG back. Also cleaned up wiring behind the TV to reduce alternator whine.
Photos 73,600 09/20/16 Changed engine oil. Installed WIX 57060 and Mobil Synthetic 5W-30
Photos 73,800 09/24/16 Replaced front wheel hubs, which consist of bearings and ABS sensors.
  75,000 11/12/16 Replaced front right tire which had a bulge on the sidewall.
  75,100 11/18/16 Had dealership flush transmission fluid. Full fluid change, no filter.
Photos 75,100 11/19/16 Installed diode between steering wheel control module and CANBUS line.
Photos   11/20/16 Replaced failing ABS wheel speed sensor on right rear wheel. This fixed the intermittent ABS error light, service TCS and service stabilitrak messages.
Photos   11/27/16 Installed new IR wireless headphone transmitter (old one introduced distortion). Also replaced Raspberry Pi3 power supply since the pi was complaining about lower power states.
  79,500 02/16/17 Changed engine oil and filter. WIX 57060 and Mobil Synthetic 5w-30
  80,200 02/24/17 Had shop balance tires, again. This time they put weights on the outside face of the wheels. It looks a little ghetto, but the vibration at 65+ mph is finally gone so its worth it. The weights might come off so I am recording the weight amount here. This is the number of 1/4 oz weights.
Back left = 5
Front left = 11
Back right = 6
Front right = 6
Photos 83,100 06/23/17 Polished the fog out of the headlights and coated them in UV clear coat.
Fixed the right 60/40 front door. The inside door handle didn't work.
Replaced the left 60/40 front door upper hinge pin. The original was corroded and the door was really hard to open or close. Replaced with a new pin that has a zerg fitting for grease.
Photos   07/01/17 Installed LED headlights (, 9006-HLV4)
  84,400 07/30/17 Changed engine oil, filter, and drain plug. Mobil One 5w-30 synthetic
Photos   07/23/17 Removed lower door panels to replace door hindge pins. Reinstalled door panels.
Replaced the broken light strip behind the labels for the custom light switch panel.
Removed a busted storage bin in the cargo door
Removed the middle row of seats to clean the carpet. The seats have a quick release and just tip out.
  89,300 11/17/17 Changed engine oil and filter. 5w-30 synthetic
Photos 94,500 02/22/18 Replaced lower right ball joint that snapped in two. Had to be towed home.
Photos 95,000 03/18/18 Replaced upper control arms (including ball joints). Replaced lower left ball joint (moog). Replaced tie rods and tie rod ends.
Photos 95,000 03/18/18 Replaced failed battery. Setup van with dual batteries
  95,000 03/18/18 Changed engine oil and filter
Photos 98,000 04/19/18 New (used) main battery, ValuePower VP-65
Photos 98,200 05/18/18 New brake light switch to fix cruise control
Photos   05/28/18 Replacing faux wood door panels, driver's side window switch, and passenger side door pull.
Photos 102,000 07/07/18 Replacing broken back up camera. New one came with integrated LED brake lights
  102,300 07/26/18 Oil change and oil filter
  107,100 12/13/18 Changed engine oil and filter
Photos 107,100 12/14/18 Purchased and installed 4 snow tires, mounted to new wheels, with new TPMS sensors.
Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 245/70R17 110S tires
17x8 Ultra Mako wheels in silver with 10 mm offset.
315 MHz tire pressure sensors
13/16 lug nuts
Photos   11/30/18 Reduced cold weather bump squeaking by securing upper facia
Photos 110,400 2/9/19 Replaced primary battery
  113,000 3/29/19 Had shop replace broken lower right ball. Also replaced upper right ball joint and right tie rod. Alignment performed.
Photos 114,600 5/3/19 Replaced front and rear brake rotors and pads. Flushed brake fluid with DOT4. Changed engine oil and filter (Penzoil sythetic 5w-30). Swapped out winter wheels and tires for summer set.

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