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 [2018/11/29]   Edge sale pictures
 [2018/11/25]   Dead Engine
 [2018/05/05]   rear wheel hubs and bearings
 [2018/03/20]   new battery
 [2017/06/27]   front rotors
 [2017/06/23]   cabin air filter
 [2017/03/26]   replacing lifegate latch
 [2016/09/20]   parking lot love tap
 [2016/09/20]   oil change sept 2016, replacing interior door handle
 [2016/03/13]   oil change march 2016
 [2015/09/06]   replacing left front wheel bearing, hub, lower control arm, ball joint, outer tie rod end, axle, and changing transmission fluid
 [2015/03/27]   oil change march 2015
 [2014/01/12]   brake pads and rear rotors
 [2013/03/03]   oil change march 2013
 [2013/02/01]   replacing turn signal
 [2012/12/15]   oil change, wiper blades, air filter
 [2011/05/28]   installing canoe roof rack
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