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2010 - Wedding gift from Nikki, toolbox

I have wanted a proper tool storage solution for a while. In the past this was something that was easy to do without however as I have accumulated more and more tools, my garage got to be more and more cluttered. I love it when everything has a place and everything is in its place.

Nikki realized this and bought me a tool chest as a wedding present. How thoughtful! At first I thought it was slightly overkill. There was no way I would fill it up. Then I started putting all my tools in it and what do you know, I filled up all but 3 drawers.

The previous owner of the toolbox had a rediculous amount of old tools in the drawers that he threw in with the box. Every drawer was like a pinata, all sorts of tools came pouring out. In the end I kept a significant number of those tools. The rest was either rusted beyond usefulness or I already had better versions of them.


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nearly every drawer looked like this when purchases, full of old tools, some really cool stuff
all cleaned up
yes, I did label each drawer with its contents
half these wrenches came with the box. i love how organzied it is

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