xs1100 - cracked brake line

A month ago Nikki noticed that the front brake was leaking. Brake fluid was seeping out of the front left brake caliper. I knew it was a problem but ignored it since it did not affect the brake pressure. That was until about a week later when I was driving the bike to work and noticed the front brake felt weak. I pulled over to find that brake fluid was free flowing out of the caliper. There was no more pressure on the front brake, it was out of service.

When I got home I looked over the caliper and could not find the source of the leak. Originally I thought it might be a ripped piston seal however there were no signs of rips. It seemed to be coming from the connection of the brake line to the caliper.

I fitted new copper washers thinking this might solve it. Much to my dismay the leak continued. So I really tightened down the banjo bolt to eliminate the leak. That only made the leak worse. Thats when I noticed a tiny hairline crack on the bottom of the brake line connection. That connection had failed, not even 1 year after installing the stainless steel brake lines in the first place.

I am getting increasingly dissatisfied with the aftermarket parts sold by mikesxs. These lines were cheap and they fit but the quality is lacking. I had fitted a matched set and so far only one is leaking. I went ahead and ordered a replacement and fitted it. The leak is gone and the brakes are back to usual. Hopefully this one lasts longer.


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original line, crack barely visible
replacement stainless steel brake line
new line fitted, all done
a closer look at the cracked line. didnt want to mess with getting a new end

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