650 - replaced clutch thrust washer, clutch plates, and changed oil

My clutch has been sticking for a while. Actually, its been sticking ever since I put the engine back together this last time using the spare parts engine. Originally, the entire engine was seized thanks to me leaving out a washer in the clutch assembly. This prevented the clutch from rotating thus seizing up the entire engine.

Once I corrected that, the clutch still dragged. I replaced the clutch cable and adjusted the free play. Still no difference. I  then replaced the clutch springs. No dice. I then tried a lighter weight oil. No difference. Finally I decided to replace the clutch pressure plates. While I was in there I figured I would replace the clutch thrust washer (the one with the little rollers) at the same time.

 When I got the clutch apart I found that the inner part of the clutch basket has been shaved by some metal on metal contact. This was the exact same problem I saw with my other clutch basket, the one that is now relegated to the parts engine. I measured out the wear ring and determined that it was caused by clutch spring screws. This indicated that screws were slightly too long. I checked the 2 new screws I had purchased from Mikes XS and sure enough, there was obvious wear on the end of the screw.

This problem did not cause my clutch dragging but it certainly put lots of metal shavings in my engine. That is the last straw for Mikes XS. That site deals in cheap crap and I will not be buying from them again. This is the 3rd part in a row from them that has caused me grief.

Anyways I deburred the clutch basket and put everything back together using my original slightly stripped clutch screws.

Once everything was back together I took the bike for a quick ride. Initially, the clutch continued to drag. Once I road a few blocks though it started working as it should. When I got home I was able to shift gears without any issues, including finding neutral. Looks like the clutch is good to go again.


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mikes xs sells clutch spring screws that are too long, enough is enough
obvious score marks on end of screw
aftermarket roller thrust washer, from mikes xs, better not fail on me
new oil

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