650 - replaced clutch springs

During my last test ride of the 650 I noticed that the clutch was dragging. With the bike stopped and the clutch lever pulled all the way in, the bike still wanted to pull away. I had a bear of a time finding neutral.

I inspected the clutch cable and found it was nicked and slightly rusted in that spot. I replaced it but still had clutch dragging issues. I went ahead and replaced my clutch springs. While this surely didn't hurt, the problem was most likely the combination of using 20w-40 oil went it was nearly 100 degrees outside and not having my clutch travel properly adjusted.

I went ahead and replaced the springs, cleaned all the friction and clutch discs, refitted everything, then properly adjusted clutch free play. After that was done the clutch was working just fine again.... well at least I think it is. I just pushed it around my garage for a little while but I have yet to ride it. Here's to hoping.


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2 are mickxs units, note rounded top
no signs of deep scoring preventing discs from moving
new clutch springs

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