650 - new EZ pull clutch cable

The clutch on the 650 was extremely stiff after 5 years of sitting in the garage. I looked over the clutch cable and found a nick in the casing and a little rust. The cable still seemed to move freely when removed from the bike but better safe than sorry. I ordered an EZ pull clutch. Supposedly it requires less effort for the same travel. I fitted it but had problems with the clutch dragging, it was not fully disengaging.

I drilled a new hole in the clutch actuator to allow each pull of the clutch level to pull the actuator further. This made the clutch level much stiffer but increased the movement considerably. After all that though I was still having problems with clutch drag. Not only that, the clutch was too stiff to operate one handed.

Maybe there are some worn clutch springs at fault here or a scored clutch basket causing the clutch plates to bind up. I will be taking apart the clutch soon to look for issues, as of right now the clutch is still not working correctly.


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old clutch on top, new one on bottom
inner hole drilled, causes lever to be too stiff
EZ pull fitted to new hole
had to add a nut here as a spacer so not all travel was taken at lever

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